Concessions for home-buyers

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Concessions for home-buyers

In addition to keeping an eye on the mortgage interest rate, there are other important ways in which successive Governments have encouraged the growth in private ownership over the years. Two measures in particular stand out, which we shall now consider.

The first is the tax concession whereby interest on loans for the purpose of house purchase qualifies for tax relief, and the second is the exemption from capital gains tax of the profits made from selling your main home.

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Mortgages and interest rates

In 2012, for example, the building societies' recommended mortgage rate started the year at 1.5%; it fell during the year in three stages down to 1.0%.

Then in June 2012 it jumped again, to 1.25 %. What will happen to rates in the future depends ultimately on the general level of interest rates - and inflation - in the country, and more immediately on the success that building societies have in attracting funds at their current deposit interest rates. If they are not able to attract sufficient funds from savers, they will have no alternative but to raise the mortgage interest rate to a level where they are successful in doing so.

That said, the mortgage interest rate has become a politically sensitive matter, because of . . .... see: Mortgages and interest rates

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